Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010


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this picture was drawn by using pastel oil. I love it :)

Hey, don’t ever try to hide yourself from me, Great Man!!
Come on, come to me, I need you beside me!

I wanna feel you in my life
YES, your self
YES, your existence beside Me!


Yes, of course You!

Just You!
The only one I’ve been searching for
The only one I have waited for the rest of my life
The only one I wanna share the entire world I live in,

Because of You
In every second of my life, I have to worked hard a thousand times to heal the entire scar in the past
In every air I breathe, I struggle to take my life back, open a space inside my heart to attract a new love, a true love
In every step I lead, I try to trust love again, to love again, just with You!!

Yes, I think I already enough to start!!

Waiting for the right time,
When I find someone like you waiting for someone like me

The right time,
When you and I standing face to face, look into each other eyes
When you and I will create the world together, our world

Let me be YOURS
Let you be MINE
Let’s create the most wonderful story of true love!

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