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Who don’t know Raisa? Young, pretty, and talented Indonesian’s new generation of singer, has gained popularity among music lovers in Indonesia since three years ago.  She has been an inspiration for many people, not only in musical performance but also her achievement in every aspect of her life. I really admire her too in many ways!! Wish you love her too J

I love her!!

I love her voice ,  everyone knows it! In other words, we never doubt about her talent in singing. Her voice is just perfect. Moreover, I like in every time she feat with the other singer, especially the man singer! She always try to build a harmony not only sharing equal vocal duties together but also makes great relationship on the stage. They able to make the audiences just speechless with their amazing performance. What a perfect duet ever! My  favorite one is Raisa featuring Tulus.


I love her personality, she seems to be kindly, humble, and simple person based on the way she talk, behave, and actually her appearance, both her physical and her fashion style. It just looks great! I think that’s makes her unique and different among the other singer and musician. In the other words, she just dare to herself in many ways.

Sometimes, feel like there are something in I commons with her! ( haha, really?). It doesn’t mean I want to be like her or she seems to be like me, but coincidentally I found some similarity like,  we born in the same month, June,  her favorite singer (Brian Mcknight, Whitney Houston, Alicia Key, Adelle, Joss Stone), her personality which prefer to be simple one, etc. Do you think those things is important? So, whatever, I just love it!!.

The last and the most important lessons that I learn from Raisa are her effort to achieve many great thing, zero to hero, and I love one of her favorite quote,

“sing from your heart so people can listen through their soul”

That’s really something. It makes me realize that  if we doing whatever we like,  no matter how hard it is, there is always way to enjoy it. I can’t agree more, I mean, it just shows from her performances, she always looks to enjoy the music while she sing with fun and no pressure!  I watch a lot of her video in the youtube and I never bored watching her, the more I watching her, the more I like and love it. There are my favorite one, wish u enjoy it !



LDR (Long Distance Relationship)


Do you know? I ever saw her live performance in Mandiri Run, one of running race event! She was one of the special guest at that time. Everyone is enjoy it! I just stand out and speechless while she is siging, that was amazing performance, and suddenly I realized that I lost my brother! My brother waited and looked for me for so long but he didn’t find me. Unfortunately, I just did nothing, not even called him since my cell phone was with him. At the end,  When I thought  is enough  for me to see her performance ( I watch more than 7 songs), then I decided to find my brother and finally  I found my brother easily. I looked to my brother face which was so confuse and got angry little bit. He asked me then, “ Where are you going?? I just answered, “ I just trying to find you, brother, but I cant find you, so where are you , brother? (I just lied Xp).

Im sorry bro that I lied to you, I  just don’t want you to get  angry with me J. So sorry. 

Since that moment, my brother bought me a fuel belt, so I can take care my cell phone by myself and make him easy to call me J. And you know what, I told him the truth story 7 months later, and his reaction jus smile J. So relieved!!! Thanks my brother, I love u! 


 Okay may be thats all from me :) Thanks for everything :). Bye bye

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