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Miss them all

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Hi Dear,,,,
How are u?

How was your day? Its great, isn’t it? What was like??
I dunno what was happen to me, but I felt I’m not in good term. I got cold. It was a terrible cold, which made me could not do anything. I couldn’t concentrate well, the negative thought affected my emotion, and that was  too bad.

And don’t you know? Yeah, so suddenly, I miss all psychology stuffs so badly. It was really a long time ago since I was graduated from college, even when I had internship program, you know I never touch or read psychology books.
I just feel like there’s something miss in my life  : (
OOO,,, I miss them all!!

I miss my class,

I miss my friends , especially my classmates,

I miss my lecturer even the killer and the annoying one,

even I miss assignment, both individual and group assignment.

I miss to learn psychology again, and again, the developmental psychology, even abnormal psychology.
Yes, Abnormal psychology! Hey, I just want to warn you, if you want to read that book, things to remember is you must have clear and critical mind. I mean, if you just accept every word which stated in the book without clear and critical mind, im afraid you will easily make judgment not only for yourself but also for the others.

Let me give an explanation, if you read some articles about personality disorder, for example, paranoid. disorde You will find some characteristic of paranoid disorder such as;

“people with paranoid syndrome have a believe that world is unsure and unsecure, they always have high anxiety and worry about anything, they don’t believe people, has negative thought and suspicious to the other that people will hurt them, etc. “

After you read the statement, you will find that some points similar with your condition, or it will  reminds of someone you know and you think have similar characteristic with this syndrome, and finally you conclude that you or that person have the syndrome! Oh that’s too pathetic to be truth !!!

Realize it or not sometimes, we, me and my friends  as psychology student often experienced that, easily give conclusion or judgment and sometime we made a joke by using the syndromes. Hoho, I cant believe it!

Remember, we must have clear mind and critical thinking, we must able to differ that’s depends on situation, or any kind of possible reason since one day we will be a professional psychologist, and we have to be careful to give a diagnostic to our client.
Wrong diagnostic will affect the life of the client, right?
Can you imagine that people’s life depends on our diagnostic?
So, be careful, guys J

Yeah, such kind of funny story J, there so many other things that I want to tell you about the characteristic of psychology student who like gossip, and really curious about the other’s business. It’s different with me, who don’t care about the other, so that’s why I ever felt that I cant be a good psychologist. Many of my friend has good sensitivity to the surrounding even they stay calm and seem doing nothing, the fact that their eyes still observe the other  people by look at the behavior, body language and facial expression, so suddenly they can conclude that something wrong with the other, and you know, it was truly happened, they conclusion was right J
Wow, That’s really something like a magic right?

That’s why I miss them, all psychology stuff. Believe it or not, I realize then, even we are already graduated, but our graduation doesn’t mean that we stop learning. 

The truth is we have and even we need continue to learn more and more since our life will be more challenging after we graduated J

Lets do our best!! Work hard, pray hard, and be happy J

Wish I can give contribution to the other’s life someday, someway, somehow 

May be that’s all that I can tell u, wish I can tell you more in the next posting

See you guys J

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