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brainstorming: the throw back

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The throw back

Dear all,

Miss to write here, it has been a long time ago.
I dunno what to say and how to star. It really hard to explain this complicated feeling since I’ve just tried to ignore, pretended that everything’s all right and tried to run away, hide to another place that can make me feel save. But I never make it, I mean I  cant pretend it anymore that everything’s all right and there’s no another place to run.

First of all, im so  happy that God gives me a good start point for this year, I have a job that I wanted, and I really enjoy it, I have some painting project. Im so grateful of my life now.

Something you get, something you miss. I’ve got a job, but I miss some of my favorite activities like running with my friend, joining language club, cooking, painting for self expression, and also writing. I really miss the and I need them in my life to maintain my mental health.

It is not impossible if I can do all my favorites activity while i'm working if have good time management, and cant arrange my life well. Yup I need to be a well organized  girl, and maintain it consistency.

Because of many things that I’ve keep inside and I dunno what to about it. I just wanna do brainstorming:
  1.  I will miss neo, teteh, and A dhonny. I wish someday, as soon as possible in the end of the year I will go there to meet them.     Aa will go to Vietnam for three months from March till June.
  2. Im the one who stay in my house with my mom and dad. I have responsibility to take care of them as the best I can. It is the hardest part, I mean, Im kind of selfish one, always think of my self first. Wish God gives me a strength so I can take care of them, I want to make my parents always happy.
  3.  Job, new term, new condition, so it’s kind like I have to start all things from the beginning, from basic, from zero. There are many things that I have to do related  preparing  Education Individual Program from my student. I’m have to perform my best to get the best J.
  4.   Think about money all the time as money is everything, sometimes im not realize that there are many thing more precious than money, or the things that countable, something that money cant buy, like happiness, love, friends, family. Happiness itself for me is a  one’s subjective statement  about life depends on experience, environment.  I mean, we’re gonna feel happy if we know how to gratitude everything that comes to our life.
  5. Achieve IELTS examination, so I can get the high score of it.
  6.  Some skills that I need to achieve this year, Swimming, Driving, cooking.
  7. Maintain a healthy life, healthy food, enough exercise and sleep.
  8.  My art therapy project
  9.  Continue study, master degree program of art therapy, get scholarship.
  10. How to make a painting with knife pallet method.
  11. God another extra job.
  12.  Marathon this year

Yups may be that’s all from now
Just brainstorming

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Riadi T. Nugraha on 28 Februari 2015 22.48 mengatakan...

km k vietnam tgl brp?

emiria farahdina on 18 Maret 2015 13.46 mengatakan...

hadeuh adi, baca yang teliti siapa yang ke vietnam

Riadi T. Nugraha on 9 Mei 2015 11.05 mengatakan...

maaf, panik, mi

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