Sabtu, 02 April 2011

The Tangled String

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I was at the core of tangled string,

I was lost, I was locked inside

I couldn’t go anywhere

Praying for someone to save me, searching for hope You once gave me,

I was locked inside the tangled string of my daily life. I tried so hard to make all of them completely unraveled, but they won’t let me free

I couldn’t do anything

I wanted give up the fight. Tell my heart it can stop beating,

But, You gave me a reason to believe in myself. Just when I'd given up dreaming

You saw the light inside me

Your love has been a torch to guide me

Slowly, but sure I saw my self let go;

I felt my self let go all of doubts, fears, and frustration concerning my daily life.

I just want to be free

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