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Remember my achievement in #inkoctober challenge last year, wish I could make it this year J. Different with last year which I didn’t have any theme about it as long as I could do self expression, while this year I decide to make flower as the main theme of this #inktober 2015. Why I choose flower? The answer is really simple, because I really like it. moreover, flower is the way to express feminism side in me. 

Here, I'll show you some picture of my laystyers's #inktober, hope you enjoy it!


all pictures

the necklace

my nephew

HBD Rani!!

HBD Twins, Dandi & Dani

HBD Uni!!

distance and time


inner peace :)

The Locked Castle

HBD Nisa!!

Jakmar 2014, PB!!

  and wish i can achieve it this year!!! Good Luck for me :D

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