Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Recently thought

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Silent means everything

I know what you've hide even when i pretend to not curious about
I know what you've done event when i  seem to ignore it

I care everything about you even when i seem to dont even care
I remember you even when i seem to forget you

So,,,  please try to understand me,,
You know  I hate it,but why u always  do that over and over again
You know it well
You know the one thing that i hate the most

Sometimes, i feel want to give up everything, but I cant make it

All right, may be I don't think that I have enough strength to do  now, but i doesn't mean that i cant make it
If you don't want to change at all,  i will make it happen since i told u before, i'm a BOMB!!!

So, you know , It depends on YOU!!

So please try to understand me...
I beg u

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